Kindle Discount?


How does a $25 discount on a Wi-Fi enabled Kindle sound? Not bad, huh. What if I told you that the $25 discount would lead to a lifetime of having to view “special offers and sponsored screensavers”? Doesn’t sound so generous of Amazon now does it.

Experience the joy of advertising.

Advertisements are everywhere, even in some video games. Books represent one of the last frontiers advertisers have yet to crack, until now. Dropping the base priced Kindle by $25, to $114 exactly, Amazon is hoping to entice readers who have held back from the e-book market. But is it enough?

Personally, I ‘d rather pay the $25 extra dollars to enjoy a product free of ads. If this move by Amazon is any indication of where the e-book market is heading, count me out. Physical paper books have never asked me to buy something that I don’t want or need. In an age saturated with advertising, enough is enough.