JBG Video Game Reviews – 2023

I had thought I’d already written this blog post, but I haven’t. I have distinct memories of people liking what I had written, getting real life comments on what I had to say about JBG and reviews… Nope.

Moving forward, JohnnyBGamer will not be including a final score in our reviews. I don’t find a numeric score to be helpful in choosing whether or not to purchase a game. And it’s not like my reviews are aggregated on Metacritic for anyone’s use.

From now on, you’ll find an article or two with my initial impressions. Maybe some follow up posts with photos, maybe a post about a game mechanic that I find interesting. All of the above will be followed by a review that details what I disliked and what I loved about said game. That’s it. From reading the words of my review, dear reader, you can draw your own conclusions about whether you should take the plunge or avoid the game like the plague.

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