Hot Springs, Guitars Have Souls, and the Prius

A few weeks ago, my brother Mike called asking a question:

“Do you want my Toyota Prius?”

His initial question led to my family driving to Hot Springs, Arkansas the following weekend. Which is the halfway point between Longview, Texas and Norfork, Arkansas.

We got lunch and then spent the afternoon walking into various stores. Did I mention it was hot? No? It was.

As we were sitting around a table, in the Arlington Hotel’s lobby, cooling off, Wyatt told Mike that he was looking to buy his first electric guitar. According to my brother, guitars have souls. Each guitar speaks to you in different ways. So you have to play different guitars until you find one that speaks to you. Wise advice.

Ended the day by driving back to where we had parked the Prius. Mike went over how to:

  • Start the car
  • Put it into park

He signed the car away, handed me the keys, and I hugged him goodbye. Wishing him the best with his move from Arkansas to Florida. And then my family and I drove home.

In the time since then, I’ve registered the car in the State of Texas. It’s now a Texas Hall Family Vehicle. I have also sold my Honda that I had driven for at last eighteen years. Goodbye sweet friend.

With the money from the sale of my car, Tab and I were able to make the final payment on her car.

The end result is how good God is. He knew what we needed (I’ve needed a car with AC) and when we needed it. I didn’t realize, deep down, how ready I was for a newer vehicle until now.

Good luck in Florida, Mike. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used to bless another.

I love my car.

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