Mr. Bryan

Here in East Texas, we teach our children to call adults “Mr. Steve” or “Mrs. Janet”. For some reason, the title of Mr. or Mrs. before the first name conveys respect. (I should note that usually its the title plus the last name.) There are even adults at church that I call Mrs. Renee or Mr. Richard because I can’t imagine calling them by their first names. They are older than me and have surely earned their respectful title.

Over the weekend, I had the chance to journey to Stephenville, Texas to attend a sister-in-laws college graduation. It was hot! My brother-in-laws brother-in-law asked me a question, “Mr. Bryan…”. I was thinking in my head, “Why are you calling me that? I’m not that old.” But then it dawned on me, I am definitely older than him.

I think it is funny how we can be a certain age (in my case, 41) and still feel much younger (I feel somewhere in my 30’s). I feel no different than I did in the past. And yet, I can remember when my dad was in his 40’s as well.

I’m finding as I get older, I feel more like I don’t have life figured out. And I think the key is learning to be okay with that.

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