Vengeance of Slowness

The other night I was tired, just run down, so I put on True Grit (1969) with John Wayne. Now I have seen the Jeff Bridges version (it was okay), but I had always heard that John Wayne’s version was superior. So I figured, why not.

For those who do not know, True Grit is the story of a daughter looking for vengeance after her father is killed. Mattie Ross travels to Fort Smith to claim her father’s body, she happens to arrive during a hanging. What struck me as odd about the hanging, were the people attending it. I can’t imagine traveling to see someone die; I can’t imagine the party-like atmosphere, including the peanut selling boy, all brought together to witness the hanging. But then again, I’m not working in the field, constantly staring at a horses behind… I mean tail.

True Grit continues past the hanging, showing Mattie claiming her father’s body, and her meetings with the men who will travel with her on her quest for vengeance.

I am vengeance!

The Batman

The movie is slow. Like a train picking up steam, True Grit takes awhile to get going. Or at least I think it does. I turned True Grit off.

Now, before I go any further, I should say that I love the Western genre. I love the tales of men being men, their bloody struggles, and the hope that can be found in the West.

I say the above only to arrive at a simple statement: Red Dead Redemption 2 is slow. I mean, really slow. I’m through with Chapter 1, I have robbed the train and come down the mountain. So far, Red Dead Redemption 2 is really well done. But it is slow.

Kind of like waiting for this next Tuesday (today is Friday) when I have surgery to remove a kidney stone.

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