No Girls Allowed

Came across an article today that talked about a Hearthstone tournament that is excluding female players. Apparently, eSports have a need to be segregated by gender just as other sports are. Huh? What grade is this? I thought gaming was the great equalizer. The article reminded me of an incident that happened to me when I was younger, enjoy.

Once upon a time, I had a clubhouse in my parent’s backyard. The clubhouse sat up off the ground on stilts. There was a sandbox underneath it where a very cool Transformer met his fate. Sand and Transformers do not mix.

I remember a time where the next door neighbor boy, Joe, came over to play. He brought a girl along with him. A girl. As we walked back to the clubhouse, I remember climbing up the ladder and proudly proclaiming, “no girls allowed.” This bomb against the cootie-infested girl did not strike as I planned. After a small debate, Joe turned around and walked away with the girl. He stood up to me and my childish play and chose not to hurt Andrea.

My son's fort out back. I jokingly call it my tornado shelter.
My son’s fort out back.

Looking back, I learned quite a bit from my backyard showdown with Joe and Andrea:

  • People won’t play with you if you are mean
  • Girls have feelings too.
  • Forgiveness takes time, especially when you single someone out…and then they refuse to play with you for weeks.

Andrea and I later became best friends. Joe moved away. The clubhouse was eventually cut down.

2 thoughts on “No Girls Allowed

  1. I don’t think this is an example of sexism, but of dealing with control. The same happens with girl only cliques (and there were many in my circle of friends growing up). It isn’t about sexism as much as people would like to tell us it is.

    In many ways it is an issue of wanting to be in control of something, Tim Keller would call it an idol. When something we worship (anything we sacrifice time, money or relationship for) is threatened we act out selfishly. Grown ups have man caves, cars, the house, the stamp collection, etc.


  2. Hadn’t thought of the control angle. Certainly an example of childish behavior. What hurt me, at the time, about this incident was how bad I hurt my friend. Don’t think I had ever taken into consideration that girls have feelings too, even though I have two sisters.


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