Surf Report – 2/5/2012

Welcome to the Sunday edition of the Surf Report.

.: God :

Saturday, I met with my accountability partner for the first time. We walked 2 miles, discussed the pre-determined scripture we were supposed to read (1 & 2 Peter), and went through the following list of questions:

  1.  Have you been a testimony this week to the greatness of Jesus Christ with both your words and actions?
  2.  Have you been exposed to sexually alluring material or allowed your mind to entertain inappropriate thoughts about someone who is not your spouse this week?
  3.  Have you lacked any integrity in your financial dealings this week, or coveted something that does not belong to you?
  4.  Have you been honoring, understanding and generous in your important relationships this past week?
  5.  Have you damaged another person by your words, either behind their back or face-to-face?
  6.  Have you given in to an addictive behavior this week? Explain.
  7.  Have you continued to remain angry toward another?
  8.  Have you secretly wished for another’s misfortune so that you might excel?
  9.  Did you finish your reading this week and hear from the Lord? What are you going to do about it?
  10.  Have you been completely honest with me?
I have to say that some of these questions are pretty intense! I know that this week I’m going to be living in light that I am going to be asked some tough questions related to my actions. This should be good.
.: Life :

I‘ve had a cold for the past two weeks now. This hasn’t made me feel too active or wanting to do too much (like writing). I have, however, slowly continued reading through Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. The book has made me hate Steve Jobs for how terrible he could be to those around him while at the same time admire his drive and ambition; the book has also made me want to buy a Mac.

.: Gaming :

I beat Mass Effect 2 this past week. A total of 28 hours (including DLC) of traveling with Commander Shepherd and the crew of the Normandy. The game surprised me by how much it sucked me in with it’s storyline and voice acting. Not sure what I think of its abrupt ending or whether I’ll be suiting up again for Mass Effect 3. Rest in peace Miranda.

That’s it for this weeks Surf Report. Make sure to comment below and have a good week!

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