A Night with inFAMOUS


Last night, my wife told me to sit down and play some video games. So I listened. Without losing time, I quickly launched inFAMOUS on my PS3. In the hour and a half that I played I:

  • Liberated hostages/ parts of the city
  • Fought massive onslaughts of Reapers
  • And restarted power stations below Neon City
All of the above contributing to the awesome feeling of being a super hero. Towards the end of my play time, I ended up fighting the games first boss, Sasha. She came across as a bad ex-girlfriend… Below is a video of the encounter uploaded by someone on youtube. Please note that I am not playing through the game as evil, as the person in the video is. Instead, I am the people’s champion, a good guy.

Sasha put up a pretty mean fight!

Note: One thing that bugged me about this encounter was the amount of language coming from both Sasha and main character Cole. The cuss words seemed out of place.

After the fight, I decided to call it a night. My left hand was slowly starting to go numb and my index finger (used to hold down the targeting button) wasn’t working like it should. Funny, I haven’t played a game that has caused both of my hands to hurt like that in quite sometime. Minus the occasional language, inFAMOUS is proving to be a fun game that really makes you feel like a superhero.

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