Funded by the Mob


The Climber :.

A mysterious mountain climber makes his way up the mountain. His goal, to make it safely back home before dusk. Trudging his way up the mountain, the climber navigates between crumbing precipices of doom. Will he make it home?

A friend recently asked me what type of game I would make if I was going to create a game. So, I described to him something very close to the above scenario. What if I wanted to proceed with developing this game? Where would I go to get the funding for such a mountainous endeavor?

8-Bit Funding might be a good place to start. Here I can go present my idea, and if it is deemed worthy by the “mob”, I will be added to the 8-Bit site to start receiving donations. A very interesting idea. I could even entice potential donors with the honor of being added to the games credits. Not a bad exchange if you ask me. Gamers supporting fellow gamers, welcome to the new digital frontier.

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