Celestial Dreams


Dreams do come true, in World of Warcraft, thanks to the recent addition of the Celestial Steed flying mount.  Celestial Steed? A new flying mount? Your probably asking what I did to obtain such a elusive piece of the heavens. Well, I can tell you that I did not:

  • Complete an epic quest
  • Slay a 1000 Murlocs
  • Or, visit the Galactic Temple high above Darkshore (surely you’ve been there!)

No, dear readers,  I simply paid $25 for this amazing downloadable addition — I love you Blizzard! –. I honestly think that the starry night sky shines brighter; that the very heavens gleam in approval of my new epic flying mount. Eat your heart out haters!

My horse from the Twisting Nether, Josie.

Still there? Good. I have a confession to make, I really didn’t spend $25 on a virtual horse. Why? Well…

  • $25 is almost as much as paying for a 2 month subscription.
  • You could buy 2 1/2 Pandaren Monks for the price of one girly-looking horse named Sparkle Fairy.

While I understand the want/need for downloadable content (money!), I just cannot bring myself to spend $25 for a virtual horse. For those of you who have, shame on you! You are supporting a practice that developers do not need to get used to. So quit it! NOW! You don’t need Sparkle Fairy. At all. So move along. NOW!

5 thoughts on “Celestial Dreams

  1. twilie

    That said, and also the fact I wouldnt bother buying one either, I say kudos to those who have bought it, thank you to those who have the money I dont want to spend so wow can put more money into the game 😀

  2. I would hope that some of the celestial money goes towards the overall game. No reason to waste magical money like that. 🙂
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. twilie

    your welcome, and so do I. I like to hope that as cataclysm is still in the making, the money is going to improve exsisting or make new things for the experianced gamer, rather than the last lot of upgrades that made wow more for the casual gamer, where everything seems quick an easy. We can only hope

  4. Hehe, I liked your attitude in your post, very ironic. And I completely agree!

    I see the mount as lacking a narrative, as you also pointed out, when you mentioned that you fx didn’t complete an epic quest for it.

    Whenever I see a person on it, the only association I get, is that it took them neither skill nor perseverance to aquire it, but simply cold cash, and according to some – ignorance.
    Ideally, I prefer the in-game world to refer to itself and not the gluttony of the business market.

    • @ironyca – Just wait, Blizzard will soon announce a lizard riding mount. They will say that the mount came from some crack in the Burning Plains. How is that for narrative? Oh, and the mount will cost $35 due to it’s shiny claws…or something or other. Millions will flock to Blizzard’s website and wait for hours in a cue to obtain this magnificent new beast.

      I’m hoping that money doesn’t become the name of the game in MMO’s…Blizzard seems to be combining a monthly subscription plan with an Eastern cash shop concept. Not the best mash-up.

      Thanks for the comment and perspective.

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