YMMO? (Part 6)


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So, here it is the end. I have finally reached the point of wrapping up. For those of you who may have forgotten, or maybe the wily among you who like to read the end first, let me sum up my points as I tried to make them. First, I challenged the claims of MMOs as ‘social’ games claiming that their included instant messengers make them no more social than Pong was, and suggesting that all games are intended to be social. Next, I addressed claims of community within MMOs, claiming that if it is there it only exists because those in the community extend their relationships beyond the MMO. Third, I sent my guns against the games themselves, claiming that one could find better more thoroughly developed game elements in almost any single player game. Finally, I established the evils of the way MMOs charge both money and time, demonstrating how MMO pricing ideas are beginning to erode even the single player games I prefer.

After this chain of articles, I would hope that you could understand why I do not play these games, and shall continue not playing them in the future. Then again maybe not, I often have no idea how people actually understand the things I say. I am sure that some of you who have read this feel the need to tall me exactly where I went wrong or why and how my opinion is “the sux”. Maybe a few of you actually agree whole-heartedly, or think I was not harsh enough. It is even conceivable, though rare in cases of internet, that a one or two of you want to attempt further discussion on my ideas and see just how weird I really am. Whatever your cause or concern, you can feel free to comment below.

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