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Bryan Hall

I know nothing. The longer that I am a dad the more I realize just how true this is. Sure, I’ll have seasons where I think I’ve got everything figured out… until I don’t. My son hits a new stage and suddenly the rules of the game change. My life has worked out that way too. I’m not where I thought I’d be and yet I’m exactly where God wants me. Along the way, I’ve learned that God is more interested in our smaller, everyday decisions versus the bigger picture items (which He is concerned about too, don’t get me wrong).

Time has changed this blog from a gaming ministry idea into a place where I can be myself. JohnnyBGamer is a place I go to process faith, fatherhood, gaming, and sometimes even politics–You can thank my History/Political Science degree for that–.

Welcome to a place where I share my life; Welcome to JohnnyBGamer.

-Bryan Hall

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The opinions, thoughts and ideas expressed here are not meant to represent my church nor my employer in any manner.

A Song for the Road

Relient K’s Air for Free is a favorite album of mine. Songs such as “Cat”, “Elephant Parade”, and even “Bummin’” have been on rotation as the Hall’s have driven this way and that. One of my favorite songs though is “Mrs. Hippopotamuses’”. Enjoy!

What I Heard While Napping

Sunday afternoon, I was laying on the couch taking a nap. Wyatt was outside playing basketball. The ball kept hitting the ground with a repetitive thunk, thunk, thunk. In the midst of sound of the basketball bouncing, I heard a voice singing. Wyatt was singing the song “Happy” by NF. This song is great just…

Gamestop, Jedi, and a Simple Conversation

Wyatt and I went to Gamestop, on Sunday, to trade in some games. Wyatt was after Star Wars: Jedi Survivor for the PS5. The store was empty of other customers when we walked in. It was just us and a Gamestop employee. I said hi. When I saw her name badge, I knew that we…

Without Consequence

When I was in college, I served as a senator in student government. It was my job to be a voice, an advocate, for the 30-something guys on my dorm floor. Kick Butt Club! One of the issues we ran into, early on, was that our student body constitution was a poorly written document. Certain…

Dodging Bad Bosses

Was reading an article on red flags in a job interview which made me think of my own experience. I remember one time I interviewed for a position at an insurance company. Before I could be interviewed, however, I had to take a personality test. So, I took the test and soon got a call…

Defenders of Liberty Air Show – No Go

Saturday, the Texas Halls boarded the Prius (*beep, beep!*) for a quick trip east. Destination: Shreveport, Louisiana; The Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Air Show, at Barksdale AFB. Last time I had taken Wyatt to the air show, he was 5 years old. I had asked him the other day if he remembered going with just…

JBG Video Game Reviews – 2023

I had thought I’d already written this blog post, but I haven’t. I have distinct memories of people liking what I had written, getting real life comments on what I had to say about JBG and reviews… Nope. Moving forward, JohnnyBGamer will not be including a final score in our reviews. I don’t find a…

Blood Sugar and Sin

I am in charge of buying snacks and drinks for the office. I buy the candy, soda, and fruit snacks the office runs on to finish the week strong. But I have a problem, I am a Type 2 Diabetic. Most of the things I buy I really cannot eat or drink. Sure, I buy…

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