The Halls Head West – Part Two


After Disneyland, our trip was a bit more low-key. We had a chance to see my Grandma (who I hadn’t seen in two years), play some Dutch Blitz with my Mom’s family, and even go bowling.

My mom won both games. That seemed to be a theme throughout our visit no matter what we played.

Tab and Wyatt studied California History this past year. So we went and visited Mission San Luis Rey. As someone who holds a degree in History-Political Science, I was super impressed with the mission’s museum.

A sheep skin hymn book.

The door from Walt Disney’s Zorro.

A letter from President Lincoln giving the Church their land back.

After touring the museum, we headed outside to walk the grounds.

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Dinosaurs at the Longview World of Wonders


The Longview World of Wonders hosted Dinosaur George this past weekend. My family and I made the trek downtown to view the destructive combo firsthand.



After sliding into a close parking spot, we disembarked for the museum. As we rounded the corner, we met a long line. No worries. Dinosaur George was working his way through the queue, asking children if they wanted to touch the dinosaur jawbone he was carrying. Wyatt loved this!

In the meantime, a museum volunteer noticed that we already had tickets in hand. Turns out we were in the wrong line. A few steps later, we were in the museum and surrounded by dinosaurs.

photo (1)

The World of Wonders building was divided in half. Tables surrounded the two spaces, filled with replica dinosaur fossils.

photo (2)

Another reason not to go swimming in Texas.

We spent the next hour working our way around the building. Though there were lots of people, everyone was nice and the atmosphere was filled eager children’s voices.

photo (3)

photo (4)

Dr. Grant’s brother had no idea what was about to happen…

Lunch time!

Mmm, people.

This Longview World of Wonders did a great job hosting this event. Thank you for the fun experience.