Surf Report – 12/14/09


Welcome to a Monday edition of the Surf Report.

.: God :

Check out my blog post entitled Intake.

.: Life :

Christmas Checklist:

Is your…

Tree set up?

Mistletoe hung?

Christmas shopping done?

Or: Are you…

Tired of the music/ tired of the noise?

Tired of all the shoppers/ of bratty girls and boys?

Hang in there!

.: Gaming :

The sweet story that is Maple Story is no more. I happened to make it through one play session and then never touch the game again. Ever.


  • Amazing graphics/ fun art design.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Free-to-play.


  • No compelling storyline to draw the player in.
  • Poor/ non-intuitive control scheme.

The thought of having to play this game compelled me to renew my World of Warcraft account. I started a new character, Orup (Tauren Hunter), on the Stormscale server. Now at level 7, I am trucking along through Horde territory. Hit me up if you want to play!

That is it for this weeks Surf Report. Make sure to comment below and have a good week!