Surf Report – 7/22/09


Surf Report

Welcome to a Wednesday edition of the Surf Report.

.: God :

Came across this interesting post on the difference between a Teacher and an Exhorter. For those who do not speak Christian-ese, an Exhorter is one who ” urges, advises, or cautions earnestly.”

.: Life :

Just got back from a trip to the West Coast.

Looks like its going to be an amazing summer!

Looks like its going to be an amazing summer!

.: Gaming :

Pokemon Logo

3 Guys (Ages 25-28).

3 Games (Pokémon: Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl)

A Summer Filled with Pocket Monsters.

Join as we explore what happens when guys in their 20’s engage in the world of Pokémon.

Wave SplinterAs of today’s date, the games have been handed out and the Pokémon experiment has begun! So far:

Bryan (Platinum):

Having almost played through Pokémon Diamond last year, I decided to see what changes have been made in Pokémon Platinum. So far I am really enjoying the revamped storyline.  Progression wise, I have just made it to Sandgem Town with my Turtwig named Revolver. Hopefully I will have time this week to challenge the gym leader.


Revolver - Stage One

Shooter McGavin (Diamond):

Thoughts of the game so far: the advantage I see, so far, over other RPGs is the ability to add more members to your group whenever you want, plus the hunt/ thrill of finding ones you haven’t yet. The only negative so fat is the annoying “trainers” who want to battle for stupid, made up reasons! Eg “don’t you love the aroma of the flowers? Smell this!” and a battle starts.

I think I’m finding a storyline 🙂 my “friend” is also annoying. His name is Bryan, in honor of the one who supplied the game 🙂 and he is always running ahead an not letting me catch up and hang out with him, what a spaz!



Scotto (Pearl):

Has yet to enter the world of Pokémon.


That is it for this weeks Surf Report. Make sure to comment below and have a good week!