The Coffee Virgin


Lately, I’ve been thinking about starting to drink coffee. A good chunk of my friends drink coffee, heck, even my in-laws drink coffee. Why wouldn’t I want to give myself that added caffeine boost in the morning? One simple daily cup would begin a quiet revolution in which I would be awake in the morning. Actually awake! Slowly rising above the other bleary-eyed worker drones, I would soon take over my current place of employment due to my increased level of awareness. People would marvel and the world would never be quite the same again, all because of one small change in my daily routine.

The Coffee Virgin

The most experience I have had with coffee are the sugar-loaded drinks at Starbucks–I love a good soy Caramel Macchiato!–. Well, that is not quite true, there was this one time I was at my in-laws and I drank an entire cup of coffee. I will note though that the scoop of ice cream I had put into it helped sweeten the deal.

So, coffee drinkers, where do I start*? Do I go the instant route first?

*Please keep in mind that I am terribly lactose intolerant. Creamers would be the death of me!