I built a backyard gauntlet of doom


Wyatt celebrated his 7th birthday with a superhero themed party. His party guests designed their own capes and were fitted for masks. All in preparation for the backyard gauntlet of doom.

  • First, they had to cross a balance beam over a pit of lava… or was it sharks? Who knows! The imagination runs wild.
  • Second, they tossed a basketball and hit Spider-Man in the face. Because, why not? Also, did I mention this was a Spider-Man themed party?
  • Third, a quick duck and roll under a camouflage netting. Netting is cool. Rolling, better.
  • Fourth, the boys fired Nerf Guns at a shooting gallery setup at Wyatt’s clubhouse. Pew, pew, pew!
  • Fifth, up and down the awesome slide Wyatt’s Grandpa made him.
  • Sixth, this is where things got sticky. I wove a spider web around the swing set with duct tape. The boys had to navigate their way through the harrowing trap.
  • Seventh, silly string. We loaded the boys up with silly string and had a shootout with Spider-Man villains we tacked up on the wall. Total fun and games until one of the heroes revealed himself to be a villain by spraying one of the other party goers. Good times.

With the obstacle course complete, Wyatt and his friends chased me around the backyard with Nerf Guns. Dad always makes a good bad guy. Muhahaha!


Tabitha made an amazing cake that was soon defeated by forks. The frosting so good, you wanted to scrape it ALL off your plate. Mmmm. Trick candles were vanquished with a lot of blowing and spit.

Sugared up, we opened presents. Parents came soon after.

Total whirlwind of a Saturday. Nothing like being a dad.

Memorial Day 2012


Memorial Day weekend, 2012, is a weekend I will not soon forget.

Saturday, my family and I went to a close friend’s birthday party. As we all stood outside watching our kids run around the playground the unthinkable happened, my son slipped and fell.

The ER: Not where I thought I was going to be on a Saturday night.

As his body hit the ground, I heard a very distinctive “crack”. I knew he had broken a bone. Big W screamed and cried for quite sometime. My wife and I didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t tell whether he was just scared from falling or if he was seriously hurt. Thankfully, our God-given parenting abilities kicked in, and we soon found ourselves at the ER. 10 minutes later, we were admitted into a room.

Over the next few hours x-rays were taken, TV was watched, and my little boy remained resolute and strong. I am so proud of him! Turns out he fractured his tibia after falling 4-5 feet off of some domed monkey bars. He’ll be in a splint (not a cast) for the next six weeks. Good times and a very memorable Memorial Day weekend. I can’t wait to see the bill!