My Morning Commute – School Zones and Mutterings Under the Breath

On my commute to work, I pass through two school zones. One of them makes sense, as there could be kids present; The other makes no sense at all, as I have never seen a kid breathing in the vicinity. That is not to say my example kid above is dead or in the process of dying.

So, here I am driving the required 30 miles an hour in a school zone. The lights are flashing, meaning the school zone is activated. What does the car do next to me? They speed up, getting in front of me, and then proceed to sit on the car in front of them. My internal dialogue went something like:

“Where is a police officer?”

There usually is a police officer that patrols this particular school zone.

And then I muttered under my breath, “I hope they get a ticket.”

My response was honest. However, I didn’t like the vindictiveness that was on my breath as I spoke.

Do you ever find as you are driving through life, everything can be going well until someone cuts you off? Derails you, for a moment, from the task at hand or moment in play. How do you respond? And do you think your response matters?

For a Christian, a follower of Christ, I’d say that our response certainly does matter. Even if someone cuts you off, and you feel like they need a ticket.

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