Wouldn’t It Be Nice

There are small things that we take for granted once we are married. Not having to say goodbye is one of those small things.

Back when my wife and I were dating, every night, we’d have to say goodbye to one another. I remember saying farewell becoming a hard thing to do, especially once we were engaged. We’d talk about when we wouldn’t have to part anymore, when we could just be together all the time.

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys played a lot during that season.

You know it’s gonna make it that much better
When we can say goodnight and stay together

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up
In the morning when the day is new
And after having spent the day together
Hold each other close the whole night through

Spent the weekend celebrating my wedding anniversary with my wife. I am thankful that we have had 11 years of waking up next to one another. Morning hellos have replaced evening goodbyes. I love that.

Happy Anniversary, baby. Love you.

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