Date Night – The Saw Incident

Friday night, Tabitha and I were enjoying an evening alone when we got a phone call from a mom in our small group.

“Can you come over and saw my son’s foot out from a chair?”
Sure. Why not?

I grabbed a few tools and we headed out the door.

Arriving at the house, we had no clue what we were about to encounter. But inside was a little boy who had shoved his foot through a wood slated chair. A chair of sturdy construction that was not going to budge.

This desk chair is far more sinister than it looks. Note the wood slats below the seat.

So I sat down on the floor next to him, and I took off my shoe. Asking the little boy if he could move his foot like I was. Nothing. I figured that if he got his foot into that position he could get it out. Wrong. His ankle had popped past the point of no return. The wood slats wouldn’t budge. Time to find a saw.

Out in the garage, I happened to find a sawzall tucked back behind a plastic container. Perfect!

Walking back into the house, the little boy started crying when he saw the saw in my hands.Trying to help diffuse the situation, I bent down and let him touch the sawzall. It worked!

With his momma holding his covered foot still, I cut through one of the slats. A few moments later, his foot freed, all was well.

Tabitha and I got into car and laughed for a bit afterwards. The entire situation being very surreal. Leave it to a little boy to get his foot wedged in a wooden chair.

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