The Dangers of Comparison

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Comparison is dangerous.

We often compare ourselves to others:

  • How come I haven’t started my own company like her?
  • Why don’t I have a truck like him?
  • If he can write a book, why can’t I?
  • Why do they have a housekeeper and we don’t?

We even compare ourselves to the person we see in the mirror:

  • I wish I weighed the same as I did when we first were married.
  • If only I was optimistic like I was back in college, things would be different.

The act of comparison is a circular thought trap. We become me-focused, selfish, ignoring the blessings God has given us. People he has surrounded us with; things we have been given for his glory.

This month, I want to shine a spotlight on the comparison trap. Don’t fall for it. Change your focus. Join me as I write down what I am thankful for, once a day, until Thanksgiving.

If anything, we’ll be thankful that this exercise in thankfulness is over.


Note: This all boils down to an issue of the heart. There is nothing wrong with measuring ourselves. Grades let us know how we are doing in school. Performance reviews show us how we can do better at work. The world of social media can cause us to live in comparison to others. It’s time to stop.

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