I’m Alive!

Woof, I have been sick since Christmas (20 days and counting). What started out as an innocent cold quickly mutated into something else. Fever, cough, and achy joints soon showed up for the party. Two rounds of antibiotics (one of which I am currently still on), a diagnosis of a sinus infection/pneumonia/mono, and I have pretty much been sleeping my days away. So, I haven’t vanished if anyone was wondering. Have just been a bit under the weather. Thankfully the drugs that I am on seem to be working. I can’t wait to actually feel well in 2013.

4 thoughts on “I’m Alive!

  1. Oh dang! That sucks! I was just sick for 3 days and it felt like forever! That’s a pretty wild diagnosis. I’m hoping you’re feeling much better by now!

    Also, if you’re wondering who I am, my name’s Josh. I found you through Zach’s blog (Theology Gaming). And subscribe to your blog. I also decided that you’re my friend. Hope you’re okay with that.


    1. I’m just happy that I wasn’t treated by Dr. House at the hospital. Experimental therapy, almost dying 3x, not my thing.

      Dude, you made me laugh. I can definitely deal with being friends…with some proper therapy of course.


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