Photo of the Day – 5/31/12

What better way, to end the month of May, than with a picture of death to gruesomely display! Well, skeletal remains of a small bird may be a better description.

Saw this little guy resting outside an office window. Thought his bone structure looked pretty cool. I’m guessing he hit one of our windows and dropped dead. BAM! Scares me every time.

One thought on “Photo of the Day – 5/31/12

  1. Reblogged this on omorosemesi and commented:
    A perfect picture of the gracefulness of death in nature. This is how death should be. Not a body cut up, dismembered, disrespected. This bird lays ( to me anyway) in a romanticized way. I just love how the feathers rest…. A natural art form.


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