Smokey Thoughts: Life in East Texas

Life out in East Texas has left everyone in a panic lately. Fires have been randomly popping up all over the place. Some are actually being set intentionally and some have been caused caused due to branches falling and hitting power lines. After a long heat wave, which has lasted at least five months, and lack of rain, East Texas has become a pile of firewood begging to be burned.

In the midst of the smoke and fear, I have found the forest fires somehow comforting. Is it sad to say that they remind me of home? Every year, without fail, Southern California would go up in flames. These fires always seem to coincide with the warm Santa Ana Winds. A fireman’s nightmare. The only thing different about the East Texas fires is the inability to actually see the fires in the distance. Sure, you can see smoke, but that isn’t the same as being able to see the fires glowing at night on a distant mountain. With so many trees here, I am actually surprised that fires aren’t more common.

With peoples homes being burned to the ground and evacuations becoming frequent events, I have started to wonder what exactly I would take with me if my house was in danger. I mean really, in this imaginary scenario, time would be the limiting factor. So, I would take:

  1. My family (duh!)
  2. Photos
  3. Important papers
  4. Anything else I could grab!

What would you take?

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