Pokemon Whale


Monday night (6/20), I took my son to McDonald’s for dinner. My wife was out for a girl’s night and so it was up to us boys to fend for ourselves. So, I naturally chose the most healthy place to eat in East Texas. 🙂

Standing in line to order, some random little kid and his tie-wearing dad walk up behind us. Immediately the boy jumps ahead of us in line. His Dad quietly barked for the 3rd or 4th grader to come back and stand next to him. As the ever amazing McDonald’s staff continued to ignore us, I overheard the kid trumpet in an annoying voice, “THEY HAVE POKEMON TOYS!” He continued to screech and jump up and down over this AMAZING discovery for at least a few minutes. As I cringed inwardly, all I could think about was how I used to look and sound just like this big child. I instantly felt bad for any time I embarrassed my Dad with shrieks of high-pitched nerdy exclamation; each shriek contributing to his now gray hair. At least I was into G.I. Joe…which is better than Pokemon, right?

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