Instant Millionaire!


Today I talked with a man who had recently purchased 1 million Iraqi dinar’s (basically $1,220.00 USD). He is hoping that the currency appreciates as Iraqi’s oil-backed economy grows. Makes perfect sense, right? Sure… Speculation aside, this entire deal has “get rich quick scheme” written all over it. Which leads me to ask:

What have you invested in that has/ has not panned out?


2 thoughts on “Instant Millionaire!

  1. I invested in Sirius|XM back in 09 and turned a nice profit. Penny stocks and volatile currencies such as the Iraq currency is investing that is not for the faint of heart. With securities such as these the daily swings can be hard to handle, sometimes they will be 40-50% of the value

  2. Back when the XBOX 360 launched, I bought one. Little did I know that there would be a huge drought of newly released games. Things got so bad that I eventually sold…just months before new content started being released. Burned!
    I’m happy though that I sold. Always thought that the 360 was built poorly.

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