New Direction, Shifting Gears


Ever since 2003, JohnnyBGamer has been all about creating a place where Christianity and video games collide. Starting out as a website designed by my friend Scotto, JBG soon shifted from being a self-hosted site to a WordPress blog. Tried as I might, the site has never really caught on like I wanted it to. This has lead me to recently ask friends and family for both their opinion and advice: Do I continue with JohnnyBGamer?

Looks like a joystick! (2008 Bugatti Veyron)

A few weeks ago, I got into a good IM conversation with a friend. He told me that perhaps I should use JBG as sort of a personal site dedicated to my writing. A one-stop shop for all your Bryan needs, so to speak. So I thought it over. I ended up realizing that there is a lot of pressure and work trying to create/ write for, what is in its essence, a fictional business. So I pulled the trigger and decided that it was time to just write for myself and not JohnnyBGamer.

What does this mean for anyone who has stuck around through the years? Not too much. Instead of some fictional brand you get me, Bryan. I’ve been here the whole time…

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