Standing Their Ground: Chick-fil-A


Being a California native, I had never heard of the fast food chain Chick-fil-A until I moved to the South. It was then that I was quickly won over by their great tasting chicken sandwiches and excellent dipping sauces (Chick-fil-A sauce is the best!). Defying my So-Cal logic, I soon learned that Chick-fil-A was closed on Sundays in order to let their employees have a day of rest. What a great idea! Although I can’t imagine a place like In-In-Out being closed on a Sunday. The money loss alone, for Sunday sales, would/ must be huge. Over the course of time, I also learned that Chick-fil-A is a company run on the Christian values of its founder, Truett Cathy.

Recently a dispute between the gay rights community and Chick-fil-A has formed over what some might view a simple donation. CNN’s Belief Blog had a post on this back on February 4th.

The current controversy erupted when some college campus and gay rights groups blasted the restaurant chain for donating free food to a Pennsylvania organization opposed to gay marriage.

The Human Rights Campaign, a major gay rights group, launched a letter writing campaign to the company, while the Indiana University South Bend went so far as to temporarily suspend Chick-fil-A service in its campus dining facilities.

The fallout provoked Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy to defend his company in a Facebook video and in a written statement.

“In recent weeks, we have been accused of being anti-gay,” Cathy said in a written statement last Saturday. “We have no agenda against anyone.”

“While my family and I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage,” the statement continued, “we love and respect anyone who disagrees.”

The blog post on CNN continues on to talk about how Chick-fil-A may have to change their Christian core values as they expand out of the American South.

I absolutely love it when a minority group goes up in arms over a very simple action. But it’s discrimination I tell you! Guess what people, sometimes other people are going to have differing views than you. As a Christian, I am hardly ever surprised when a nonbeliever believes in something different than me. That is just life. All I ask is that the same “tolerance” be extended both ways. I hate that word…

So what if we flipped this story on its side, and gave the gay rights activists some free food, do you think that those against gay rights would be protesting? Maybe. I happen to not buy into all of this “green movement” stuff. I’ve seen Wall-E, I know how it all ends, and I am quite happy living on lounger in space. (Note: Wall-E is not a movie about the “green agenda” but a love story. I used this example as a joke) Due to my unpopular environmental beliefs, do I boycott companies that push what I see as a radical agenda?? No.

The future looks great!

The gay community needs to learn when and how to pick its battles. Just because an opposing group got some free food is no reason to get up in arms. Heck, we don’t know what would have happened had the gay rights group asked for food first in the first place.

Quite whining people. You have a hard enough sell to the general public that the gay rights movement is just like the civil rights movement. A lifestyle choice is the same as a racial choice. Awesome logic.

I congratulate Chick-fil-A for standing behind their core values. It certainly doesn’t look like being close on Sunday has hurt their company in the least. In an age of wishy-washy politicians and Internet opinion, I applaud Chick-fil-A for standing in the gap.

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