Super Meat Fail!


Dear Team Meat,

I know I probably shouldn’t let stuff like this bug me…but it does. I have been wanting to play your game, Super Meat Boy, for awhile now. So, I went to check out your blog when I came across this post:

So Christmas is coming up. My family doesn’t celebrate the Jesus version of Christmas, we celebrate the awesome give toys and stuff to people…which I think is better. Must have been hard on Jesus to have a birthday so close to Christmas…probably why he acted out and got in trouble with those Romans. Poor guy, he just wanted attention…

I know the post is old, but I am still bothered by it. Such flippancy/sarcasm towards Christ and my faith…I find it sick. If Jesus Christ was just out to get attention, being the Son of God and all, I’m sure he could have found a better way to do so. No, instead of attention, He came to die for both you and me. A selfless act versus some sort of modern day attention whoring.

I’m not sure where I am going with this, but I am sick of people (like you) thinking that it is cool to bash on Christ and Christianity just for the heck of it. From my own experience, these same people preach tolerance. Living a double standard? I think so.

If you have been hurt by Christians, I am sorry (we can talk about it). If you want to celebrate a Christ-less Christmas, then go for it. In the end, all I want is respect for what I believe and for the God I serve. I’m not looking to win a medal here…just looking for a little respect. Team Meat, you have failed in this department, and I will not be purchasing your game unless some sort of apology is given. Being a bit of a pessimist, I doubt that will ever happen. From this day forth, I will be staying away from the virtual meat you serve.



4 thoughts on “Super Meat Fail!

  1. Edmund

    If you are offended by an obvious joke about Jesus on the internet, i have a spoiler for you… it gets worse. If Jesus ever existed im sure he would have a pretty good sense of humor, i mean being the embodiment of the all knowing God an all.

    You have our full permission to never buy any game we sell.

  2. Wow, thanks for commenting Edmund! I’m really surprised to have gotten a response from Team Meat. I see now that what you (or whomever) wrote was an “obvious joke” as you put it. Sorry if I overreacted. I just get tired of the anti-Jesus stuff I read on the Internet.
    The original reason I had stopped by your site was to see what the deal was on a PS3 version of the game…but from what I have read…that is a no go.

  3. Russell

    I do the same thing Bryan. I let the businesses know. I’m surprised as well that they responded. I know that my letting them know is like taking a teaspoon of water out of the ocean to help save someone from drowning but it does make me feel better. Good for you for standing up for Jesus!

    • Andy Morehouse

      Edmund and whoever made the original post is a retard. It wasn’t a joke cause it wasn’t funny…at all. Especially since modern Christmas gift giving is directly influenced by the Christian church with the derivation of names like Santa Clause and Kris Kringle coming directly from Saint Nicholas, who was known for giving gifts to children and spreading that tradition around Europe in the 16 or 17 century…and the Christ Child (for Kris Kringle). Gift giving between Christians during the celebration of Jesus’ birth (who actually did exist, yes it’s a matter of historical record…and no, I’m not talking about the bible) most likely started during the dominance of Roman culture, which had a secular holiday in December where they gave gifts. Go read a little before posting “jokes” that aren’t funny and don’t even make sense. Oh, and God loves you.

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