There is something about pain that sucks all the life and creativity out of a person. Constant, persistent, throbbing pain has been plaguing my lower back since the end of October. At first I thought it was a pulled muscle or something. So I went to a chiropractor and was told I was suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve. A month and an MRI later, I have found out that I have two herniated discs and multiple tears. What I did to my back, I cannot even tell you as I do not know myself. Life is crazy.

In the midst of pain, I am finding myself wondering what the point of all this is. I mean, I am relatively young (a year short of 30) and I have never injured myself in a major way. As a Christian, I am trying to see what the bigger picture is. What does God have planned in this? If I end up having to have back surgery (which I have been told is likely), I will have plenty of time to ponder this question. In the meantime, I thought that I’d post this in an effort to explain my absence lately and lack of posts. As the pain ebbs and flows, I will no doubt be back to writing on a more consistent basis. Until then.

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