Surf Report – 7/9/09

Surf Report

Welcome to a Thursday edition of the Surf Report.

.: God :

The concept of Christian accountability has always rubbed me the wrong way. I am uncomfortable with the concept of confessing my own personal struggles, with others that hardly know me, in a group setting. It is not that I am afraid of being transparent or even known. I want people to know me. However, I want the individuals, who are listening to me pour my heart out, have some sort of personal investment in my life. That isn’t asking much. Hanging out once a week, conversing through e-mail, that sort of thing.

Related to this topic, I came across a blog post by Mike Foster that discusses why he doesn’t believe in Christian accountability. Drop on over to his site and take a look. Let me know what you think.

.: Life :

Summer is upon us! wants to know…

.: Gaming :

Pokemon LogoThe summer of 2009 is a time for experimentation. This summer, JBG is going to see what happens when 3 guys in their 20’s jump into the world of Pokemon. We’ll keep you posted.

Wave Splinter

That is it for this weeks Surf Report. Make sure to comment below and have a good week!

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