Virtually Acceptable?


Have you ever wondered how well you know someone that you don’t really know? An odd question to be sure. Today (6/26/09) I came across a blog post entitled “Godspeed Gynnie, We Will Miss You“. The post, which was found on the 2 High Road blog, weaves a tale of pain, suffering, and virtual escape. By the end of the post, “Gynnie”, whom the entire post has been about, has died. This “true” story made sense to me. Someone using an online videogame to escape life and pain. However, “Gynnie” was not all she (?) seemed to be. An update on 6/23/09 states:

“The good news is “Gynnie” didn’t die after all.”

As fate would have it there was never a sick girl by the name of “Gynnie”. For all the author of 2 High Road knows, “Gynnie” could have very well be Steve. This brings several questions to mind.

  • 1. How well though do you know the people that you play online games with?
  • 2. Are we supposed to take people online at virtual face value?
  • 3. Is lying about your real life circumstances virtually acceptable?

Your thoughts.

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