Don’t Forget Signet


The routine is generally the same: get online, talk to peers, decide where to fight, decide what jobs to level, and then go. But, my little Taru-taru white mage has a small routine before heading out to fight mobs with her party. She visits her mog house to make sure she has her white mage gear and then empties as much junk from her gobbie bag as she can so she can hold items won during battle. She leaves her mog house and meets the rest of her party at the rendezvous point. From there the journey begins and they are off to beat the bad guys! But there’s one important thing she often forgets to do: get Signet.

Historically, a signet ring was used by royalty to imprint their royal seal on laws and decrees. The signet represented allegiance, authority, and authenticity. Similarly, adventurers in Final Fantasy XI receive signet from their home country and use it to gain more conquest points for their nation. These points improve the overall welfare of their country. They also allow adventurers to buy useful gear. Without signet, though, my Taru-Taru ends up out in the battlefield without the ability to heal as quickly or retain TP. (no, not that kind of tp – the kind that builds up your weapon skill power.) Unfortunately, the signet wears and generally needs to be renewed every day. There are guards positioned at many locations across the world of Vana’diel that are always able to refresh the signet when asked.

This concept of signet got me to thinking about my own real life. I have my routine of getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and grabbing my lunch. But, when I head out to face the day, I’m often met with challenges that my deodorant just won’t fight for me. I need more than a physical readiness. I need a reminder of my allegiance, a proof of legitimacy to my life, and the confidence that God is in absolute authority over this crazy world.

How much better would my day be if, before I stepped out the door, I took a little bit of time to remember the One to whom I belong? If I stop and remember that God is sovereign, the troubles that I meet during the day really won’t be as hard as I usually make them out to be. Instead of fighting my own battles alone, He is there beside me holding my hand. His signet would remind me that He is there. He will overcome evil with good. Still harder to believe, He cares about my life and loves me. If His signet is on my heart, of whom do I have to be afraid? I can go out and face the dangers sporting the same stout heart of a level 57 white mage. The truly good news is that this courage is real.

Here is your reminder today: “Don’t forget signet!”

.: Colossians 3:23 :.
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.”

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