Video Game Violence Aides Connecticut Shooter


We can cast blame on “lax” gun laws or analyze the media diet of shooter Adam Lanza and still come to the same conclusion. In the end, Adam was human. To deny that we as humans are evil is to deny our humanity. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, sin and evil have entered our world. This should be no surprise to us as we consume the daily news and personally experience evil and injustice. Our world is a dark place.

Despite a possible mental illness, Adam Lanza was a human being with a free will. He made the choice to walk into that school and cause the physical and emotional destruction he wrought  His actions were calculated. At what point will we allow him to take responsibility for his actions?

Blame is easy. Personal responsibility, not so much. So let us blame violent video games. Adam was a kid, he must have played them, right?

The Gospel of Simplicity


In high school, my youth pastor’s heart beat was to the drum of the Book of Revelation. He could be somewhere completely different in the Bible, a book like Matthew, and somehow we would end up closing our time in Revelation. After awhile, I honestly grew tired of hearing about the end times. However, I knew that his heart was in the right place and that he was genuine in his faith due to how he lived his life.


Attending a Christian college, I encountered a lot of hypocrisy. People would say one thing one moment and then live something completely different the next. I almost walked away from Christianity during that time. God, in His mercy, reminded me not to look at others and instead focus on my own personal relationship with Him. Throughout the years this has been a lesson that I have had to continually come back to again and again. Simple and sweet.

I am thankful that I do not serve a God that requires me to follow lists; a God does not require a specific amount of works for me to be deemed right. I am thankful that:

  • I do not have to walk down an aisle or pray a specific prayer to be saved.
  • That I do not have to build up a certain amount of disciples.
  • I do not have to engage in the latest “church” fad.

All I have to do is believe, embrace God’s hand, and walk on.