Barksdale AFB Defenders of Liberty 2012 Air Show


Back in April, my family and I headed East to Shreveport, Louisiana for the Barksdale Air Force Base Defenders of Liberty 2012 Air Show.

Normally the air show is held in May, not this year. Holding the show earlier meant much nicer weather!

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the air show is free to the public. Talk about an ultimate recruitment event. The show features different planes from different eras. Some planes you can walk into and others you can at least touch.

Unless they are running. 🙂
I always wanted a plane like this as a kid. The thought of sitting up front in the glass nose had/has a certain appeal.

Would you fly The Widow Maker?

At one point I turned around and saw this.

The following are more “artistic shots”. Enjoy!

Looks like it is part of a spaceship.

I love the classic looking nose light.

A big thanks to all the service men and women who made this event possible. The memories of time spent with family, crawling over airplanes, and my son crying as the Thunderbirds screamed over the parking lot are memories I won’t soon forget. I’ll see ya’ll next year!



This morning I went to a funeral of a former co-worker’s dad. Knowing nothing about the deceased, I learned that he had been:

  • In the Korean War
  • A local sheriff
  • A husband, father, and friend to many
  • A man set in his ways
  • A man who was willing to drive to the far corners of the country in order to barter and bargain

The gentleman was also described as:

  • Being set in his ways
  • Onry
  • Stern/strict
  • Frugal
  • There when his family needed him

As I sat in this church built in 1920’s “mission style” architecture, I started to think of my own legacy. How do I want people to remember me? What words do I want people to use to describe me?

First and foremost, I want people to remember me not for my own idiosyncrasies but for my actions. I want people to remember that I was obedient to Christ. That I followed Him and was obedient enough to allow Him to use me.

Second, I want those that I come into contact with (family, friends, etc.) to know that I loved Jesus. Not only that I love Him, but that I was willing to put action to Christ’s words. That I went forth and made disciples (shared my presence, my life with others); That I truly loved those around me as God loves them.

Every man wants to make a mark upon this world. I want my mark, my legacy, to not be about me. I want my legacy to be all about God and His work. I want people to say:

He was a believer in deed

He had a heart of a different breed

He made his mark and he lived by his creed

A true believer, a believer in deed.

– Petra, “Believer In Deed”

What do you want your legacy to be?

Video Games: Imaginative Play Possibly Gone Awry


Hobby – an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving.

A friend recently told me that he had been playing a certain video game late into the night, every night. In his case this had only been going on for a short period of time. One might even liken his playing as to absorbing that new car smell–mmm!–. Eventually that newness will wear off and reveal an object that has been meticulously explored. The search for the new “shiny” will soon commence once again and late nights are sure to be an end result.

Video games, as with other forms of media, have the potential to take our time and imaginations captive. Quite quickly, we can find ourselves longing to spend hours in a world that isn’t actually real; Our every waking thought longingly dedicated to a counterfeit reality. This addiction is “imaginative play” gone awry. A perversion of the very word, hobby.

When I think of a hobby, I picture my Grandpa and his model airplanes. He had tons of them! During the day though he was a jeweler by trade. His model airplane hobby never seemed all consuming. Flying balsa wood craft was just something relaxing he did in his spare time. In short, he knew moderation.

The line between hobby and addiction is paper thin, especially with video games. I find myself constantly asking myself whether I am putting my hobby before my Creator. If somehow video games have become an idol in my life. What is hard for me are the thoughts:

What if they have already become an idol…

Am I willing to walk away…

Am I willing to put my faith in God first…

What do you think? Do you have a hobby that has become more than a hobby? Are you so into sports and bedazzeling that you live and breathe them? Let me know.

Memorial Day 2012


Memorial Day weekend, 2012, is a weekend I will not soon forget.

Saturday, my family and I went to a close friend’s birthday party. As we all stood outside watching our kids run around the playground the unthinkable happened, my son slipped and fell.

The ER: Not where I thought I was going to be on a Saturday night.

As his body hit the ground, I heard a very distinctive “crack”. I knew he had broken a bone. Big W screamed and cried for quite sometime. My wife and I didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t tell whether he was just scared from falling or if he was seriously hurt. Thankfully, our God-given parenting abilities kicked in, and we soon found ourselves at the ER. 10 minutes later, we were admitted into a room.

Over the next few hours x-rays were taken, TV was watched, and my little boy remained resolute and strong. I am so proud of him! Turns out he fractured his tibia after falling 4-5 feet off of some domed monkey bars. He’ll be in a splint (not a cast) for the next six weeks. Good times and a very memorable Memorial Day weekend. I can’t wait to see the bill!