Christmas Thoughts: Round 5


Earlier in this series (Round 3), I talked about the radio controlled cars my brother and I would get each Christmas. Well, one year my Christmas list deviated from the norm, I asked for a radio controlled hovercraft.

Mine was white. Not that it matters.

The Nikko Air Bullet Hovercraft didn’t last very long. My memories of it include:

  • Waiting forever to charge the battery.
  • Racing it down a neighbors driveway that was covered in ice.
  • Finding out that it wasn’t water proof, like the commercial actively demonstrated, after hovering it in the pool.
  • Watching my brother take it apart after it had been deemed never to run again.

In hindsight, I probably should have asked for a Typhoon.

Twin engines are better than one?

Christmas Thoughts: Round 4


Sometime in the 4th grade, I thought it would be cool to bring my Tyco Hot Keyz to school for show and tell. Synthesizer strapped to my back, I proudly rode my bike to school that day with my best friend Andrea. I was the man.

I wonder what happened to it...

The Christmas I received my Tyco Hot Keyz was one of the best ever. I remember my brother receiving a “guitar” that played noises when you pressed different buttons. Though I was a tad jealous of my brother’s gift (he always made things seem cooler than they were), I had been given a keytar!

We rocked out that Christmas on my grandparents hearth (which was like a stage). I’m sure my parents must have hated those things.

All hail the loud and annoying Christmas presents, they make children happy.

Christmas Thoughts: Round 3


Every Christmas, without fail, my brother and I would ask for remote control cars; every Christmas, without fail, we’d receive said cars and break them within a week. As the years progressed, my relatives began to catch on to the fact that $100+ RC cars were being totaled. I remember one year where we were told that we weren’t getting radio controlled anything due to them breaking each year (threats aside, we got them anyways).

One year my Aunt presented me with two cars and asked me to decide upon one.

The first was a Tyko Fast Traxx:

Mine was a sweet yellow.

 The second car was a Tyco Hijacker:

I have no clue why I thought this car was cool. Must have had one heck of a commercial.

I ended up deciding upon the Tyco Fast Traxx. My brother and I promptly took it outside and began putting it through its paces. Little known to me at the time, when the Fast Traxx’s treads grew warm, they would fall off. Eventually these rubber treads grew so worn (within a week or two) that they wouldn’t stay on the tire they attached to.

Now we had a bike jump out on our back patio that my brother had built. So, we launched the car off of it. Ended up cracking the car where the back wheels attached to the body. You could literally see the gears inside the car moving. Not good.  I guess what I am trying to say is that we killed the car, quickly. Another Christmas car destroyed. Mission accomplished, I guess…if that was the goal…which it wasn’t. We were just kids playing with toys.

Christmas Thoughts: Round 2


LEGO was always a huge part of my childhood. I will never forget the year I found this unwrapped in my parents closet:

Oh the adventures we had.

I believe this is the same year that my parents started taking Christmas presents over to my grandparents house for storage. Man, they were smart!

That same year, I also received this from my Aunt:

One of my most favorite sets ever.

I poured hours into these two sets. Not just building them but playing with them.

What were your favorite LEGO sets as a kid?