Time Killers


The age of the Internet is slowly changing the way we consume media. Over at Confessions of  Tech Addict, @jacobingalls has come to the realization that brick and mortar stores are quickly becoming places to kill time (for more, check out his post: In Order of Obsolescence). What is sad about this realization is that I think he may be right.

Last year, I purchased a Barnes & Noble Nook as a birthday present to myself. I had been hearing a lot about e-readers and so I decided it was time to get into the game. The Nook was priced cheaper than the Kindle, which isn’t the case now, so I went with the cheaper option. After learning how to navigate the Nook, I was soon purchasing my first e-book. Touch. Bought. Downloaded. The ease of use, instant access to content, and pricing has sold me on the Nook and e-books in general. No longer do I have to take a special trip to the store to purchase a book. On rainy days now I can simply relax and read.

The days of the brick and mortar bookstore may be numbered…but I doubt it. Stores provide a place to physically interact with whatever it is your planning on purchasing, as Jacob pointed out. They also provide a place to congregate and immerse ourselves amongst people and community. The Internet brings with it a price, instant content and lower prices made possible by the lack of a physical place and actual human interaction. While I enjoy reading on my Nook, I also enjoy browsing a good bookstore…even if it is essentially a place to kill time.

Enter the Standing Man


One of my good friends recently dove into the world of Tai Chi. Today he sent this video me, as an example, of one of the moves he is working on.

Note: The gentleman at the end of the video being able to withstand multiple guys pushing on him. Pretty awesome!

Captain America


Director Joe Johnson’s The Rocketeer & October Sky are two of my most favorite films.

As an eleven year old boy, my fondness for The Rocketeer was unparalleled. Watching the movie a grand total of six times in theater, I was enamored with the world and life of pilot Cliff Secord. For those of you who haven’t seen the film– shame on you!–, The Rocketeer is akin to strapping a jet pack to Indiana Jones. In other words, you’re in for one heck of a ride!

Growing up, I always wanted to escape the town I grew up in. Those that stayed and didn’t commute elsewhere were destined to work at the local pharmaceutical factory. In other words, I could totally relate to October Sky’s Homer Hickam and his desire to leave the mining town of Coalwood. Homer’s tale of pursuing his dream of joining Wernher Von Braun, set against the backdrop of his dad struggling to understand him, make October Sky a must see. I love this film.

The newest trailer for Joe Johnson’s next film, Captain America: The First Avenger, came out a day or two ago. I am excited to see how this film turns out based on the director’s past work. Are you?

Office Thoughts


Working in the world of an ————- office has led me to experience some extreme highs and deep lows professionally. As a front office manager, I have been placed in the unique position to fully observe almost all events in the office. In thinking through the different situations I have observed/experienced, both the good and the bad, I have come to conclude that:

  • Education Should Never Cease – This is as simple as providing constructive feedback to employees without belittling them. No one ever learns by being verbally assaulted over an issue. Instead, taking time to work through/ explain a potential problem helps an employee when they tackle the same issue again in the future.
  • Management Needs to Lead by Example – Yelling at employees, slamming the phone down on the desk in anger, and demanding unrealistic expectations are the actions of an office diva/ dictator. Don’t do these things! Instead, treat others as you want to be treated. A manager who believes that he has “earned” the right to treat employees in this manner, due to time spent working for the firm, is a manager leading his employees into a personal (daily) Hell. Don’t be this person.