I rolled out of bed this morning and hit the floor. Time to stretch. As I groggily willed my body to move this way and that, I scrolled through my twitter feed. It was then that I noticed that there had been another shooting in Colorado.

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Wednesday Night Bible Study Recap: Haggai

Imagine your nation being plundered/ destroyed and you are taken captive. All that you have ever known is now gone, quite literally. You soon find yourself immersed in a new culture. A culture that is foreign and very unlike what you are accustomed to. At this point you can chose to blend in with the new culture, adopt some of it’s customs; or you can chose remain an island, a remnant of your own culture.

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In December of 2006, I graduated from college with no job lined up. After months and even years of praying over what I wanted to do with my life, I hadn’t a clue.

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The Christian life is one that is often lived out in unintentional isolation. We go to church, mid-week Bible study, and hopefully connect with fellow Christians. From that, we create our own little Christian bubbles filled with like-minded individuals. Now I think that it is great to attend church, Bible study, and get to know other believers. However, I think that we are isolating ourselves from those that we have been called to reach out to, those outside the church.

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Once a month, I meet with a group of guys from my church to study the Bible. Our epic 3 hour meetings include time to eat, discuss everyday life, and dive into God’s Word.

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A good Sunday morning to you all! Something I realized after writing last was that I have failed to pray over JBG as a ministry and have instead been relying on my own gifts and strengths. So, I want to take this Sunday and pray over JBG, it’s future, and discover what God’s will is […]

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Recently, I started reading through the book of Jeremiah. Today I was reading through chapter 3 and was struck by a theme that has been carried over from chapter 2, that of the nation of Israel acting like a whore.

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