My Story


A Long Time Ago…

In a mystical land near the coast, a place called Southern California, my story begins. I was born and partially raised not too far from the Happiest Place on Earth. As I grew older, my parents decided that they wanted to get out of the city, so they fled south to the small cow town of Rancho California. As a kid, I remember:

  • Sheep being herded down main streets
  • There being only one stop light
  • Bright stars not dimmed by the city lights
  • Monsoon-like weather during the summer months

As the years passed and I grew, so did Rancho California. Soon the city was renamed Temecula and boy did the city grow.

I don’t know about you, but I always dreamed about “getting out this two star town”. I knew that there had to be more to life then the sleepy commuter town Temecula was back then. After spending years with my life in neutral (working and attending a local junior college), I finally decided to put it into drive. I was college bound! But then I wasn’t…

2004ish, I found myself moving my stuff into my first home away from home at Azusa Pacific University. I remember driving up to Azusa with my Mom, getting everything settled with the college, and then cleaning out the apartment I’d be living in with roommates. In the midst of the excitement of moving out, I had a meeting with my parents. It was decided that there was no way I could afford to go to a private Christian college. My dreams were dashed.

Much happened in my life after I had to drive back up to Azusa, pick up my stuff, and meet my ex-future roommates. My Grandpa died (who had been a major force in my life, like a second dad), life got complicated but God was orchestrating things behind the scenes. Soon I found myself moving out of my parents house and in with my Grandma (which wouldn’t have happened had my Grandpa not died). I applied and was quickly employed with The Walt Disney Company. In a roundabout way, I was back roaming the streets where I was born.

I lived with my Grandma for 3 months. During that time I applied to a small private Christian college in Longview, Texas. I had no clue that God was about to change my life.

Stepping out of my comfort zone of Southern California, my time at LeTourneau University allowed me to grow up. I met my wife within a month of being in Texas, during a semester she shouldn’t have been there (she should have graduated the semester before but due to scheduling, she was there an extra semester). We dated for over 2 years and married shortly after I graduated in the fall of 2006; we had our son 2 years later.

No matter how unsure or uncertain I’ve been through all that I’ve done, God has consistently pressed upon my heart the need for a Christian influence on the Internet. I am not here to fight a war against secular culture, but want to influence the digital landscape with the love of Christ. I write at the junction point between videogames, parenthood, and faith.

I post once a week. In order not to miss out on new content, I highly suggest subscribing to my blog via RSS.

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This is my personal blog. The opinions, thoughts and ideas expressed here are not meant to represent my employer in any manner.

2 thoughts on “My Story

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  2. mjoshua

    I dig your story! As one who grew up in a remotely similar experience on the other side of the country (Amish Country, Pennsylvania), I can relate! Looking forward to having many more conversations!

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